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Student Support Services

Our school and its teachers aim for a high standard of education, for student success and optimum progress. Students may struggle however, and Student Support is designed to support students toward success.

There are a lot of reasons why students may struggle in any school:

• Language barriers – All children are language learners. Our students are learning in multiple languages.
• Physical disabilities can limit or complicate access to learning e.g. vision, hearing, mobility
• Difficulties with learning and remembering – Students may need extra time, practice, and support.
• Behaviours, habits or attitudes may interfere with learning- Students may need help to reflect and develop new ways of behaving.
• Social or emotional situations can create difficulties, such as anxiety, or insecurity. Our school seeks to be supportive and build skills for coping and resilience.
• Better connection between school, home and child may be needed so that there is mutual understanding and co-operation to support the child.

When students, teachers or parents are concerned about any of these issues, Student Support is available. Sometimes a student may need more specialist help, in which case we may support referral.

Students may seek extra support at school, either directly or through their teachers.
Teachers may refer students for further assessments, observation, or guidance. This will often result in parent involvement to strengthen support. There may be parent meetings at school.
Parents should feel free to contact their child’s teacher, or the school if they feel their child needs special support at school.

The Student Support Services room is beside the Staffroom in the Grade 1 area. It is best for parents to make an appointment with the office.

Student success is most likely with a strong co-operative partnership of parent, child and school.

IDBEC Student Support Services