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From the School Head


Welcome to İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent Erbil College

İhsan Doğramacı began this school for the benefit of children and young adults that live in this area. His foresight has set a level of excellence for all of the staff and students to attempt to continue. His belief was that providing a chance for all children to receive a top class international based education would give them the best start in life and enable them to achieve success in whatever field they chose for their future. We are continuing this dream and looking at ways to expand his vision. Our students have been involved with the local area by inter-school visits and sport, using technology, our Grade 5 students interacted through their “Exhibition” with schools throughout the world, met and spoke with artists and cultural representatives from within Iraq and visited numerous businesses in and around Erbil.

Opening in September 2010 we had a small number of students in a school still taking shape.  Over the past six years it has grown as presented on page 4 of the Annual Report for 2016. The school follows the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate, known worldwide as the PYP, and the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

The children are taught wide ranging skills and then asked to use those skills not only to complete their subjects, but also to look at a wider world perspective. We are searching for International Mindedness with an academic basis so each student sees the reason for their learning as a way to improve the future for themselves, their family, their community and hopefully venturing into a world that awaits them and their ability to think in a way that helps from a global perspective.

İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent Erbil College continues to build its reputation throughout the community by forging stronger links with many organizations, businesses and Government departments. We hosted training for the Ministry of Education inspectors in the way that PYP is taught so there was a better understanding of the system we use and promote. Local Universities have visited us to see what is done and appreciate many aspects of the facility of which we are so proud. All of our Teaching Assistants were supported to attend and receive their Certification in Teaching Methods, allowing them to teach classes and understand the psychology of learning in an international environment. Our parents are encouraged to attend the school to see and experience the type of learning which their children undertake on a daily basis. Planned informal gatherings and meetings to discuss the school are held regularly and parents are invited to attend the school to discuss any matter that concerns them.

This interaction and level of involvement will grow, I am sure, as the results of our endeavors are seen and appreciated for their value and involvement. Reaching out to numerous groups becomes an important method for students to start to understand the interactions that occur within their local environment. This understanding becomes the basis of understanding the complexities that face cities, regions, nations and united groups when they try to make decisions.

Please come to visit the school and make yourself known to your child’s teacher and other staff members. We all gain when we work together to make schooling more successful for the children. More importantly the children and young adults whose education is gifted to us benefit from knowing that their family and their school are working together to help them succeed at whatever they may choose as their future career. Our website goes into more detail. It can be accessed at http://w3.bilkenterbil.org/

We look forward to meeting you, whether you have children at the school, are a relative of the students who attend the school, or are a friend finding out if this is the right school for your son or daughter. Please phone to arrange a visit if you are new to the area. We will only be too happy to meet you and answer your questions.

Ian Whiteman, Interim Head of School